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Bengal Jokes

Posted by @ B H i on May 20, 2007

:- What do you call a Bengali who takes bribe?
A :- Mr. Goosh.
What did one Bengali voyeur ask another?

What do you call a bong who talks a lot, sometimes without making sense?
Mr. Chatterjee.

An angry Bengali letter? Chitti-chitti Bong Bong

A talkative Bengali? Bulbul Chatterjee

An outlawed Bengali? Kanoon Banerjee

An enlightened Bengali? Jyoti Basu

A Bengali who works? A work of fiction

A stupid Bengali girl? Balika Buddhu

A Bengali marriage? Bedding

A mad Bengali? In Sen

A dark Bengali who lives in a cave? Kalidas Guha

A Bengali mobster? Robin Ganguli

A perfumed Bengali? Chandan Dass

A Bengali goldsmith? Shonar Bongla

What’s bigger than the state of Bengal? The Bay of Bengal

What’s common between Bengalis and sperms? Only 1 in a million works

When does a Bengali sound like a dog? When he says wow(Bow)

What does a ghati call a burping Bong? Mukhopadhaya

What do you call a Bengali who doesn t eat fish? Ahilsa


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  1. kashif said

    nice q&a…

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