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Insult to Indian Flag

Posted by @ B H i on March 3, 2007

Respected Mr. President,

These pictures I am sending you shows the gross disrespect and
insult to the Indian National flag by this so called “spiritual leader” and self proclaimed “GOD” Mataji Nirmala Devi.
This disrespect to our country’s flag shows that she has definately no respect or love for the country that gave her so much and her husband who was an IFS officer and chief of the SCI
(he is seated next to her in the pics). Such a shame.

I did urge and pleaded to all Indians who deeply love their country to forward the photos to as many people as possible so that it does catch the eye of someone higher up in the Indian Govt who can really take some action against this cult.
And I am sending it directly to you Mr. President to get a direct action on the disrespect shown to our National Flag by this woman.

By the way can you just try and recognize the person kneeling down in pink shirt.

For your information and necessary action.

A Proud Indian

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28 Responses to “Insult to Indian Flag”

  1. True Indian said

    That man in the pink shirt, his name is Manoj Kumar who is one of Sahaja Yoga’s world leaders. He resides in New Jersey, USA. These pople have made a mockery of India, its culture and traditions to serve their own selfish needs.

    – True Indian.

  2. devendra said

    Where is the President and what is he waiting for?

  3. devendra said


    I heard that a judge accepted a PIL in Kashmir on the basis of an e-mail from someone. Can someone please send in these pics to the Chief Justice so that at least a PIL can be started? I do not know any addresses!


  4. Gowri said

    Hi All,

    My family(except me) are all Sahajayogis and they are like KATTAR believers of Nirmala Devi. I somehow feel that SY is a brainwashing technique. I see how everything in my life-my family’s life is related to SY and Nirmala devi. This lady sounds like a mad women to me. If you hear her speeches and see her Poojas(what the devotees offer her like 15 times a year). She is being worshipped on like Navratri,diwali,ganesh chaturthi,guru purnima,her b’day and may be another 6-7 festivals in a year. She calls herself God and leads a lavish life which I dont believe any of the saints or god have lead. I’m absolutely against her principles.
    But talking about the fact now-She has too many crazy followers around the world. You shud check her website and they blindly follow her. When I asked my family abt the flag incident they just cut me out by saying those pics are fake and it is just to defame her. But i wonder no one has taken any legal action against her. I believe she should be scandalised and punished for calling herself God(Adi Shakti or whtsoever) and insulting our national flag and all the devotees who say by putting a flag on her feet they were asking her to bless the country should also be punished.

  5. SPANISH_GIRL said

    whose thread is this……..????????if he/she is a indian then shame on.if ur somebody else then……don’t be jealous of indian…….

  6. aarti said


  7. Deepak Ghosh said


    I see the the picture, but I think this picture was not original one. This picture was done through any software Ex-photoshop etc.
    If it is thr original one then tell me when and where tis picture was taken.


  8. fdggdsh said

    sali kutia

  9. Patriot said

    mr.deepak…its just so stupid to say its faked.Why on earth shud someone do that to a so called god. have they got no other job to do???People like u are too fanatic about that fat ole woman and her irrelevant principles that u go out of reality’s way!!!

  10. Bharat Wasi said

    Jai Hind

  11. meenu said

    this lady is a big time BASTARD

  12. indian said

    u fuckin old bitch suck d person’s dick bside u!!!!may ur pussy grow bats!!! i guess u got d hard bang bang frm some mother -fuckin, dick suckin white basssssstard!!!!

  13. Vijay Anand said

    I think she shuld be fucked in public by all terrerist.Her husbed shuld he hanged in public

  14. Anand said

    where are our so called DESSHA BHAKTHA’s?Where are our leaders(Pudari)? Are our Militry and Police department sleeping?or they dont have nerve to kill this bitch?Can any body give her address?i will go and kill her.

  15. piyush said

    India is turning into a land of fanatics either religious like nirmala or political like narendra modi(Bastard) or fanatic about foreigners (Sonia Gandhi) or fanatic about legacies( So called gandhi parivar who indeed are selling the country).

    Only Three Words——- ‘Fuck The Bastards’

  16. pranav said

    what the hell is the president doing?????
    this is fukin bad

  17. sushil said

    no need to angry
    no need to loose ur tempor
    chill every body

    if u just want show that u r a desh bhakt and she is not.
    so just stand abd shout “jai hind”
    always remind that nation is made by people not by land.
    so show love to any human kind…
    and leave that bicth to her own.
    but wait…
    does anybody tell me that from where this fucking snap has taken…

  18. rushabh said

    these political people think that they can do anything they want… our politicians are no less

  19. Arun said

    Kill both madarchod

  20. sam said

    arey lanjekoduka nuvvu naa deggariki vaste gudda pagaldengutha.nee sully kosi neke tinipista ra

  21. niel said

    hey that man in pink shirt is anil ambani………. cant b’liv these shameless ppl….. they r really assholes…… they shud be hanged infront of everyone !!!
    Bastards !!! n ppl who follow this so called stupid godess r really so sick that this bitch is more important to ’em than our Country !!!

    i think ppl who fight if anythin is written wrong abt their leaders shud see this and burn this bitch alive !!!

  22. krishna said

    mother fuckin bastards
    and what the hell indian govt is waiting for if ihad authority i hang them all who r in the

  23. True Indian said

    What the hell mother fucking bitch think of herself…… who the fucking guy is that who is keeling in front of that fucking pitch what does he want suck the stinkin pussy…..

    Ass Holes…… Hang them ……

    Jai Hind

  24. True Indian said

    True Indian,

    If this is actual photo, I think this lady really doesn’t deserve to be an Indian. A real shameful character not only to India but to the profession she is doing.
    The person who cannot respect her nation, how can one expect her to respect the mankind??

    Vande Mataram

  25. alisha said

    the person in the picture is ofcourse anil ambani, is this his residence…..why the heck is he doing like tht…………is this photo original or just a fake one………….cant say anything dude…………

  26. Pramod Dangi said

    hey friends,

    This is just disgusting and shows how spiritualless is the mind of so called mataji (my foot)… she just deserve to be behind bar..

    with all due respect to the “President Chair”, don’t expect any action from current person seating in that chair ms. pratibha patil…. a the tented soul can’t take actions against her sisters.. chore chore mousere bhai…

  27. kya baat kar rahe ho pehle apne girebaan me jhaako fir dooshro par gussa hona ye to bharat ke jhande ka aapman kar he rahe hai aur tum log bharat ke bhasha ki. wah wah english me comment dete ho english me blog banate ho aur kehte ho ki hum bharateya hain. kyoun aabhi bhi angrezon ke gullam bane hue ho KOI BHI MERE BAAT KA BURA MAT MANN NA JO SACH HAI WAHE KAHA HAI

  28. mridul sharma said

    This are really social evil,Govt must take severe action against her…

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