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Its easy to joke on a Sardar, but It’s too difficult to be a Sardar..

Posted by @ B H i on February 1, 2007

I was standing at jalandhar station when my attention went towards a Sikh youth standing near me wearing a Black turban having a long beard and wearing a kirpan over his shirt looking similar to a terrorist.After a while, one local train arrived, which was totally packed. The Sikh youth tried to alight the train but failed to do so. Just then a voice was heard from the back coach ‘Sardarji Barah Baj gaye’ (Sir it’s 12 o’clock!)

The Sikh youth looked over at that voice maker who was a young Mischievous type of person and instead of showing any anger made a smile towards him.

The smile made was so enigmatic that it seemed as if some type of truth lies behind it. Not able to resist my temptation, I walked towards him and asked why did he smile at that person who teased him. The Sikh youth replied, ‘He was not teasing me but was asking for my Help’ . I was surprised with these words and he told me that there was a big history behind that which one should know. I was eager to know the History and the Sikh youth narrated:

During 17th Century, when Hindustan was ruled by Mughals, all the Hindu people were humiliated and were treated like animals. Mughals treated the Hindu women as there own property and were forcing all Hindus to accept Islam and even used to kill the people if they were refusing to accept.That time, our ninth Guru, Sri Guru Teg Bahadarji came forward,in response to a request of some Kashmir Pandits to fight against all these cruel activities. Guruji told the Mughal emperor that if he could succeed in converting him to Islam, all the Hindus would accept the same.

But, if he failed, he should stop all those activities . The Mughal emperor happily agreed to that but even after lots of torture to Guruji and his fellow members he failed to convert him to Islam and Guruji along with his other four fellow members, were tortured and sacrificed their lives in Chandni Chowk. Since the Mughals were unable to convert them to Islam they were assassinated.

Thus Guruji sacrificed his life for the protection of Hindu religion. Can anybody lay down his life and that too for the protection of another religion? This is the reason he is still remembered as “Hind Ki Chaddar”, shield of India. For the sake of whom he had sacrificed his life, none of the them came forward to lift his body, fearing that they would also be assassinated

Seeing this incident our 10th Guruji! , Sri Guru Gobind Singhji (Son of Guru Teg Bahadarji) founder of khalsa made a resolution that he would convert his followers to such human beings who would not be able to hide themselves and could be easily located in thousands.

At the start, the Sikhs were very few in numbers as they were fighting against the Mughal emperors. At that time, Nadir Shah raided Delhi in the year 1739 and looted Hindustan and was carrying lot of Hindustan treasures and nearly 2200 Hindu women along with him. The news spread like a fire and was heard by Sardar Jassa Singh who was the Commander of the Sikh army at that time. He decided to attack Nadir Shah’s Kafila on the same midnight. He did so and rescued all the Hindu women and they were safely sent to their homes.

It didn’t happen only once but thereafter whenever any Abdaalis or Iranis had attacked and looted Hindustan and were trying to carry the treasures and Hindu women alo! ng with them for selling them in Abdal markets, the Sikh army although fewer in numbers but were brave hearted and attacked them at midnight,12 O’clock and rescued women.

After that time when there occurred a similar incidence, people started to contact the Sikh army for their help and Sikhs used to attack the raider’s at Midnight, 12 O’clock. Nowadays, these “smart people” and some Sikh enemies who are afraid of Sikhs, have spread these words that at 12 O’clock, the Sikhs go out of their senses.

This historic fact was the reason which made me smile over that person as I thought that his Mother or Sister would be in trouble! and wants my help and was reminding me by saying off ‘Sardarji Barah Baj Gaye’

Plz do forward this mail to all ur friends so they can know about sikh history & its a humble appeal PLEASE dont make fun of other RELIGIONS as every religion is as pure as urs.

“Its easy to joke on a Sardar, but It’s too difficult to be a Sardar”


32 Responses to “Its easy to joke on a Sardar, but It’s too difficult to be a Sardar..”

  1. Anonymous said

    r u also sardar.

  2. Anonymous said

    the time u wrote this is it 12’o clock.hahaaaaaaaaaa.

    • RUMIN said


      • Manpreet Singh said

        bhai 12’o clock to ham tiyar bar tiyaar hote hein for helping others(especially old time(hindus and current to) and tum jaison ki to pant geeli hoti hain 12 o clock, so respect all

  3. bria said


    • VIKRAM said

      Bitch.. If u’ve got no respect for what’s written here & feel that some 1 will please u to make u feel good.. then suck my dick !!!!

  4. Anonymous said

    You are doing a great job which is laudable

  5. Anonymous said

    youa efforts are commendable. let the people understand Guru’s gesture

  6. Gururaja Murthy said

    I had no idea this was something rooted in history. Though I trust the writers knowledge, there should be some objective inquiry into this and the word should spread so everyone understands. while we all enjoy the fun about this, its as important for all to know the true meaning too.

    Thank you, @B H i.

  7. Anonymous said

    As far as i know it was British who started this.

    This is what I got.
    In 1930 India was in rotten hands of british ..Sardars and others fought bravely ..British men know pen is stronger than sword ..To avoid sardars protest british men wrote comic book on sardar to deactivate them..

    Can you explain which is true

  8. AK said

    Inspite of understading the main point that we should not make fun of without having any knowledge about our history which mr. @BHI explained in brief and absolutely true why we interested to know 12 o clock thing. forget it. Be a man.
    By the way I am so called Hindu but I do respect and honor Sikhism. Know your History and then make fun if you dare…………..

  9. vijay srinu said

    Thanks, for such enlightening piece. I actually ended up here, searching for “Origin of this Crap Humour”, after dressing down my own friend for forwarding sardar jokes on SMS (we both are hindus – He instantly agreed to stop sending any more to any body, forthwith! Good guy!)

    But Dear @BHi u be a man, and fight back. Tell all those sardar baiters, who make big fools of themselves!

    BUT MY REAL QN : Dint these jokes originated from prejudice about Sikh Cabbies in Newyork / London?

    Please somebody clarify.

  10. chandan sharma said

    well done mr m hindu and shame to see my religon is how sahme full that in those days all our hindus girls raped by mugals and we couldnt do any thing all delhi hydrabad rulled india by mugal. sikhs realy did good job to save us should respect them.

  11. Hussain Qasmi said

    Sardar are unnecessarily promoting themselves. They are also coming to Pakistan and visiting their Gurudwaras, but in return we get to enjoy the Kheer – Punjabi Women.

  12. M.Kalmadi said should look at how many of “muslimahs” I have fucked!!! u’ll be amazed at knowing that indian muslim girls are far more liberal and don’t mind a nice drink at all. They love their drink and it comes cheap for a one night pussy!!! they smell bad but still what’s the harm if next time she gets her cousinn sister along for a 3some. Thanks Muhammad(pbuh) for making muslim womens so horny.

    • Omair said

      Kalmadi, do u know who Muhammad was? If not, then let me tell you that he was the messenger of Allah! Never critisize a holy person or thing of which you have no knowledge. Request you to delete the comment.

  13. sailaja said

    pls guys its k if u dont respect sardars but u have no rite to criticize them .if u do then i am sry that u dont knoe any history abt sardars then pls check out the list of indian army u find 65% of them are sardars and i writing dis as i dont believe to any religion and i am proud to say i am an indian………so i heartfully respect all the sardars

  14. sailaja said

    pls guys its k if u dont respect sardars but u have no rite to criticize them .if u do then i am sry that u all dont knoe any history abt sardars then pls check out the list of indian army u find 65% of them are sardars and i am writing dis as i dont belong to any religion and i am proud to say i am an indian………so i heartfully respect all the sardars

  15. Vivega said

    Great people and great religion.. hat’s off to u my friend..Thanks for sharing the truth. I will do my best to forward this message..

  16. reenay said

    in our book history which we r reading, is wrong[specialy MUGHAL history]
    bcz the great india is willing to stablies a seculare socity,
    so 4 check realy history,
    plz check out some sikh musioum, library may situated in GURDWARA ‘s

    in one of these 12’0 clock more than 1-lakh men,women & children were saved from Ahmed Saha Abdali
    [ after the war of PANIPATH]

  17. ranb said

    Agreed with Reenay, I am a hindu guy and always making jokes on my friend, a sardar, working with me in my office in front of other guys, but he always gives me a smile in return. Now, I am ashamed of our people after knowing the truth. Our ancestors were not able to protect himself, our Mothers and sisters from mughals. Ashamed of them. Only sardars were came forward fighting for our people even they were very small in numbers and we people now making jokes on them. It is my request to all those people, Please stop. Just imagine if you were in place of these sardars who helped you in your worst time life period and now other guys are making jokes on you, how you would feel? if still some guys do this, I will say they even don’t respect their mothers and sisters. They don’t mind if someone fucks their mothers and sisters in front of them.

    Thank you all sardarjis! But one more thing, I would like to say to all sardars – we have learnt a lesson from our history. Today we are more educated, more powerful, more disciplined than you and if anyone keeps eye on our property and our mother & sisters, don’t underestimate us. We will fuck those people very hard. VANDEMATRAM, VANDEMATRAM!

  18. minakshi said

    @ Ranb, you are STUPID.

    A Proud Indian

  19. Ranb said

    Minakshi???? what happened????

  20. Minakshi said

    I think you still don’t learnt any lesson from history. you are still comparing yourself with others. First, we are all proud INDIANS. I am in love with a Sikh (Sardar) and going to marry him soon. None of our parents are against this marriage. Even, my parent are happy to meet such a nice guy and also happy because I didn’t limited to a specific religion to choose my life partner. After all you are living in 21st century. But, I appreciate you to respect other religion people!

  21. Ranb said

    First of all, Many Congratulations Minakshi!

    I am not comparing myself from others. Yes you are right, we all are proud indians. I didn’t said that we are not proud indians. I am just telling my views on what other people think and comments. You have a problem with that???

  22. Minakshi said

    OK if your motto was not like that. I Apologize.

    Have a great day!

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    […]Its easy to joke on a Sardar, but It’s too difficult to be a Sardar.. « Jokes[…]…

  24. Abhijeet Singh Bal said

    I am a sikh and i really appreciate your work..

    Thank You.. 🙂

  25. manjeet said

    Dear friends if you are trying to humiliate sardars by jokes and such comments. Then I feel pity on such persons understanding. If our gurus would not have sacrificed their lives all hindus ofindia would have been muslims. More over if musalman think so then also it is bad. we have been reading the vani of muslim peer fakirs in our guru granth. 100% muslims doesnt know it.In guru granth we also recite vani of hindu saints.
    If you people great by laughing at us then may god bless you all. I pray to vaheguru give some intelligence to these ignorant people.

  26. Aditi said

    Beautifully narrated…n salute to all brave sikhs who fought & are fighting 4 hindus..n for Bharat.

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