Laughter All The Way….

Ultimate Bheja Fry

Posted by @ B H i on January 29, 2007

I’ll not be responsible for your state of mind after reading this PJ. So
read at your on risk.

Question : What is the opposite of Achaar…
No, nooo..  its not Vichaar

Socho Socho

Chalo hum batate hain…

Opposite of Achaar is Onion

Par Kaisse????

Aise :: Achaar = Pickle = pee-kal
Opposite of Pee-kal is Pee-aaj = peeaaaj == Onion….Hence proved!!!!

I know what is going in your head now..Wanna kill me ???????????


8 Responses to “Ultimate Bheja Fry”

  1. varsha said

    heard it on radio mirchi—- nice one

  2. Abhishek said

    AWSOME boss !!!

  3. Amitesh said

    Jhakkas pj dude…!:-)

  4. Sam said

    opposite of achar is kal muutna ..

    Pee + kal
    pee =muut
    kal =kal
    so kal muut .
    hence proved

  5. Yuck said

    Toooooo saaaaaaad

  6. paka diya, really good pj

  7. very nice

  8. Shivendra singh rajput said


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