Laughter All The Way….

Abhishek n Aishwarya’s Son

Posted by @ B H i on January 29, 2007

Abhishek n Aishwarya’s Son


Abhishek and Aishwarya After Wedding Photos


29 Responses to “Abhishek n Aishwarya’s Son”

  1. Omie said

    wow!! how queer-ish…lol

  2. manmeet said

    Son looks FuNNY!..
    I wish they have a daughter only!

  3. firoze khan said

    i wish ash was with salman

  4. RADHIKA said


  5. khalid said

    what a imagination……….

  6. labito said

    omg.. tah is just soo stupid.. its just two ppl mixed up.. nd some ppl find it so amazing.. even though its nawt tah smart! its still Ok for an idian!

  7. rani said

    bittte bitrtte komm schonnnnn

  8. gayrim said

    aish and salman were good
    abhisekh is kala,
    he is dependent to amitab bachan
    jaya bachan is ridiculous
    abhisekh looks son of ash
    rani is far far better than ash

  9. Abhishek said

    Wow… what an imaginative precision work :)… Keep posting stuff like these…

  10. anonymous said


  11. Sarah Samra said

    I think Ash and Abhi look sexy.There such a cute cuple.There baby looks a little to Abhi.dosn’t realy look like Ash.Anyways ur a sexy cuple(L)(K).

  12. rani said

    i wondt foto the rani and prity

  13. is that a girl or a boy if its aboy y is he wearing a tikka and earings and if its a girl y does she got long hair

  14. gayathri said

    their son is so cute as them. i hope they live happily ever after………..

  15. Jasia said

    LoL !!!

  16. haqmal said

    I wish them all the best

  17. syed said

    hey its 222222 fuckey i wish even his son would would fuckkkkkkk me an be naked

  18. devashish said

    not toooooooooooo goooooooooooooood add some face impression of Mr. Amitabh

  19. Seema said

    thats creepy lol someone shouls upload a more updated pic of abhi

  20. laila zahoor said

    I wish them all the best.

  21. laila zahoor said

    I wish aish them all the best.

  22. laila zahoor said

    I Wish Aish All The Best.

  23. hdfhd said

    itne lund jo ash ne pehle liye the or ab b leti he un ka b to asar ho ga na so he’ll be different.

  24. Hussain Qasmi said

    Salaam Aleikum janab,

    Aapka sabze guzarish hai ke kuch zara zenah ke kisse yahan pesh karein. maine suna hai ke aapke muluk main maa behan bhai bete ke bahut vakye sunne ko aate hain…humera aur unke bete luqman ka kissa padh kar mera to lund khara ho gaya hai. zara tawazzo dein…shukriya

  25. lita-cia said

    you are very stupid

  26. alberita said

    i love you very much aishwarya rai you are very very beautiful . you now are the most beautiful woman in the world
    love you very much.

  27. Aashvi said

    i wish Ash and Salman with best not abhi is not good with ash…………

  28. anonymous said

    the son looks much more like abhi.the eyes are of ash or abhi?

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