Laughter All The Way….

Accenture dress code-creatively explained!

Posted by @ B H i on January 9, 2007


We’d rather see

those nice biceps

at the gym.


Business Attire Policy


Sliiveless tops are

acceptable for

woman only



Eat Spaghetti.

Don’t wear it.


Business Attire Policy


Spaghetti tops, tank tops

or halter tops are not

acceptable at work



When we say

“keep ir short”,we

mean meetings and

presentations only.


Business Attire Policy


Mini skirts

are unacceptable


2 Responses to “Accenture dress code-creatively explained!”

  1. J.Claudel said

    Funny – where I can find more stuffs about Dress Codes?

  2. Also, I can contribute with your site?

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