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Nice Poem : Khass nahi hai…

Posted by @ B H i on December 15, 2006

kyon chalti hai pawan ?


because of evaporation


kyon jhoome hai gagan ?


because of earth’s revolution



kyon machalta hai mann ?


because of excessive respiration


na tum janno na hum ?


but i just gave all the answers


kyon aati hai bahar ?


because of change in season


kyon lutata hai kaarar ?


becuase of mental tension


kyon hota hai pyaar ?


because of fatal attraction


na tum janno na hum ?


like i said these are all science phenomena


kyon gum hai har disha ?


because u have lost the sense of direction


kyon hota hai nasha ?


because of drug addiction


kyon aata hai maza?


because of food’s temptation


na tum janno na hum?


I think u r jealous from my intelligence


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2 Responses to “Nice Poem : Khass nahi hai…”

  1. SHIREEN said

    it is not so good but nice try to workhard on on it

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about bhojpuri gana.

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