Laughter All The Way….

Know About Yourself !!!

Posted by @ B H i on December 14, 2006

You have to answer quickly as the first

answer that comes to mind is the one to take.

Ready? GO!

1. Which is your favourite animal amongst these 3?

a. cat?????b. bird???? c. dog

2. What’s your favourite colour?

a. pink.????b. white????

3. The name of a person of the same sex.

4. The name of a person of the opposite sex.

5. Do you prefer the mountains or the beach?

6. Do you prefer sunrise or sundown?

7. Your preferred number between 1 to 10.

8. Your favourite plant is:

a. red rose?? b. fern?? c. dead plant

9. Your favourite season is:

a. spring??? b. winter??? c.summer


a. cat:?you love yourself more than anything
b. bird:?you love to hear yourself talk
c . dog:?you let others come first.

a. pink :?you are an extrovert
b. white:?you are a classic
c. black :?you live on a tight rope

The name is your good luck charm

4. You become very, very close to this person

Mountains : a marriage that has everything
Beach:?a very calm marriage

Sunrise : you are a morning person and you do alot of things
Sundown:?You are a romantic & you change partners quite happily

The number that you chose is the number of months it will take you to meet the love of your life

Red rose :?a good life, but sometimes thorny
Fern :?a predictable and sure life
Dead plant:?you are sick!!

Spring:?You’re a romantic
winter: you’re a sweet talker
summer: You have a bit of everyone in you.


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