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Here are some jokes of hum jayega:

Posted by @ B H i on November 19, 2006

Contributed By :sanjay shiwakoti

One day Hum Jayega went to the doctor with both of his ears burnt.

Doctor: So tell me how u burnt your both ears?’
Hum Jayega: I was ironing when the phone rang and I answered the iron by mistake”
Doctor: But how did you burn both of them?
Hum Jayega: Well, as soon as I put the iron down, the phone rang again.


3 Responses to “Here are some jokes of hum jayega:”

  1. Umangyongya said

    Nice to see you…in google.

  2. PARSHU said


  3. Ayush said

    most comedy character in jokes..:D:D:D

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