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really witty

Posted by @ B H i on November 9, 2006

A teacher in a mathematics lecture asks a 3rd std class,” If there are

3 birds on a tree and u shoot one of them,how many birds would remain??

“.Johnny,the nuaghtiest of the lot, shoots up his hand.

teacher: “ok johnny ,wats the answer?”.

Johnny: “none,ma’am.

teacher: “how?”

Johnny:” after hearing the shot ,all the other birds will also fly away.”

Teacher:”no johnny, the answer here is 2,but I like the way u r thinkin.

now johnny has a doubt.

Johhny: ” teacher can i ask u a question?

Teacher: “sure”

johnny:” there are three ladies havin ice cream at the parlour.the first one is eatin it,the second is lickin it while the third one is suckin

on it.can u tell which one of the ladies is married??”

teacher is terribly embaressed,but she puts on a brave face and answers.

Teacher: “I….I……I guess the one which is suckin on the ice cream is married.”

Johnny:” no ma’am,the one who has the wedding ring on her finger is married,BUT I LIKE THE WAY U R THINKIN.” !!!!!


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