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Inzamam’s interview after Pakistan’s loss

Posted by @ B H i on November 8, 2006

Inzamam’s interview after Pakistan’s loss Inzy’s interview – One man who entertains when cricket matches r over.



Rameez: So Inzy, disappointed with your performance today?

  Inzy: Bismilla-e-rehman-e-rahim. Thank you allah.ya the indian batsman is play very good today.

        we is try very hard but is not win the game.


Rameez: Any words for Dhoni?

  Inzy: Ya dhoni is play very well. He is hit his shot very hard in our gaps.

        In start, we is protect our gaps very well.

        the grass is also thick.. but dhoni is split our gaps with his bat.


Rameez: Another ordinary bowling performance?

  Inzy: Ya our balls is loose. the bowler is went for many run.

        Asif is bowled well. Also, after some shots the ball is out of shape.

        umpire is not give another ball.. it is tough to play with one ball.


Rameez: Dropped catches.. did that prove costly?

  Inzy: ya the ball is not stick to our hands.

        we is practice a lot sticking our bat in our hands..

        but now we is more practice sticking balls in our hands.


Rameez: Any plans for the next match?

  Inzy: ya India is on top but we is try to bounce on our back. Insha allah we is play better.


Rameez: All the best Inzy

  Inzy: Thank is you.


6 Responses to “Inzamam’s interview after Pakistan’s loss”

  1. a said


  2. humza said

    sum sik bats man he was

  3. cricket fanatic said

    Inzamam ul haq is the best captain and batsman pakistan ever had and also a very nice person.

  4. IqbaL said

    Inzamam is a nice person and also a good batsman

  5. IamIndian said

    Inzamam is a great player…… This is far ahead from exaggeration ….. he had probs with his eng but worked it out…. and it doesnt matter b’cause his bat always do the talking……

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