Laughter All The Way….

Are there 12 or 13 men?

Posted by @ B H i on October 21, 2006


 This will drive you crazy!


Don’t ask me; I haven’t figured it out yet…..

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20 Responses to “Are there 12 or 13 men?”

  1. Ashley said

    it comes frum the otha guy who moves over haha

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  3. I think it is because there is 12 and then there is 13. I think it is anyway. It moves and then i eat licorice and cry because I dont understand. Does anyone? Please help me because I am moving from 13 to 12 and I lost myself!!

  4. Parm said

    its gay the batty boy on the left moves to the right…n ur mums a bitch…the end.

  5. Johan said

    Two groups (left&right) are shifted (swapped)!This shift is out of balance as one man after shift still remains in his group. This makes one man disappear because of overlapping, which is manifested due each men partial body removal that in total contributes to one full man! This is like aliasing in discrete signal processing cause of periodic assumptions! 🙂

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  9. god said

    I am the one true god and thou shalt worship me unto death

  10. god said

    I MEAN IT!

  11. mauricio said

    whhat thee fucck ineed to knnow its driving me crazy, its like that 23 movie thing i just cant stop thinking about it pleasesomebody help mee!!!!!

  12. Avandia Fda

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  13. Alan said

    what the fuck is it!! me and my whole highschool class cant find out what it is…we are about to kill ourselves.

  14. Anand said

    I believe I found the solution to this problem.
    There is a right group and a left group as you can see. The man to the bottom left only leaves a part of his head while shifting (switching, whatever). Instead of the right group putting back this part of hair, the most right person and the second person from the right remain in their group after the swap. As 1 group is made of 5 people and 1 is made of 7 people, normally 2 people from the right group would not need to replace a person from the left group. The most right person and the second most right person do not do this.

    So what is the guy just left from the most right person doing? He does not replace anybody and an after the swap, he is missing a small slice of his feet. The slice of his feet is replaced by a guy coming from the left group, but this guy does NOT replace anyone from the left group.

    Which leaves us with a simple solution:

    5 body parts leave from the left group, but in the left group there is still 1 person left after the parts leave for the swap, the most left person. These 5 parts do add up to 5 body parts in the right group. The 7 body parts that leave from the right group, should actually replace 2 of their own body parts and 5 of the other group’s body parts. Instead of this, the right group replaces 2 of their own body parts, just 4 of the left group’s body parts, which leave 1 entire body which does not do any replacing, which results into an NON optical illusion of an extra person adding to the picture as he was actually a person in the picture before, only now he is missing a part of his feet.

  15. bad gal said

    stupid motherfuckers tryna make me a fooll… it obvoius the shadows r moving fucking pussies suck out !!!! stupid drama kammina dala kaffar……………. harmaii

  16. Brendon G said

    Who in gods name not only sat around to create this, but visualized the possibility of it ahead of time. Someone had to have been hit in the head by a pretty mean apple to think that one up.

  17. alex(BIGRED)fox said

    It’s the 3rd guy at the top of the 4th row in the black tank top. He creates the 13th man. He’s the only one who leaves part of himself behind, (his feet) and doesn’t re-attach himself to anything. Which creates the 13th pair of feet, hence creating the 13th man. 😉

  18. you said

    its the guy at the back of the second row 😉 i think :/ :LLLLL

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