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Joke: The Cookie

Posted by @ B H i on October 20, 2006

Little Johnny and his grandfather are fishing by a peaceful lake beneath some weeping willow trees. The grandfather takes out a cigarette and lights it.

Little Johnny says, “Grandpa, can I try one of your cigarettes?”

“Can you touch your butt with your penis?”

“No,” replies Little Johnny.

“Then, you’re not big enough,” explains the grandfather.

A few minutes pass, and the man takes a beer out of his cooler and opens it.

Little Johnny then asks, “Grandpa, can I have some of your beer?”

“Can you touch your asshole with your penis?”

“No,” says Little Johnny.

“Then, you’re not old enough.”

Time passes and they continue to fish. Little Johnny gets hungry so he reaches into his lunch box, takes out a bag of cookies, and eats one.

The grandfather looks at him and says, “They look good, can I have one of your cookies?”

“Can you touch your asshole with your penis?”

“I most certainly can!” says the grandfather proudly.

“Then go fuck yourself… these are my cookies!”


One Response to “Joke: The Cookie”

  1. ll said

    Good One.

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