Laughter All The Way….

Respect other…. BY Khadijah

Posted by @ B H i on October 10, 2006

Khadijah, thanks for your post…
A few months ago i went on holiday to stay with my gran.
whilst staying there my 5 year old brother made friends with the neighbours servant who was only about a year older.
knowing the friend was a servant i always made him feel low in my presence.
after my return my brother often talked of all the fascinating things his friend had taught him.i always didliked every word for some reason.
a couple of weeks later a phone call from my gran told me that the boy had passed away in the most heart breaking way ever.
i truly regret my attitude towards the smal boy.
i still remember his dream of which he told my brother when asked:
“when i grow up i want to be superman, i’ll be really rich and live with my family in a really big mansion”
everytime i recall the words i almost burst into tears thinking of an uncomplete dream an uncomplete life..and still today i cannot forgive myself for my attitude towards the small boy

MORAL: always appreciate the presence of another person no matter how much higher or smaller their status is comapred to yours.


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