Laughter All The Way….

GooD Joke…

Posted by @ B H i on October 10, 2006

Once a man went to a Veterinary Doctor and said: Doctor I came on vacation
so that I can get treated.
Doctor: I think you should go to the Doctor opposite to my clinic.
Man: No, I am coming to you.
Doctor: But, I am a Veterinary Doctor. I am an animal specialist.
Man: I know, but I want you to treat me. Doctor: I cannot, because you speak
like me and think like me which means you are a human, not an animal.
Man: I know I am same and I am a human but the problem is
I get up in the morning like a sparrow
I go to work like a deer
I work all day like a donkey
I wag my tail in front of my manager like a dog
I play with my children like a monkey
I am like a rabbit in front of my wife
I work late like an owl
Doctor asked: Do you work in BPO Company
Man: Yes
Doctor yelled: Come dear, no body will treat you better than me.


2 Responses to “GooD Joke…”

  1. lightcontrast said

    Oh that’s awesome…lol. Isn’t life like a zoo sometime?

  2. Fr.joe said

    Hello Fr How r u ..God Bless U

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