Laughter All The Way….

Profile of a Software Engineer (Orkut)… Do read.

Posted by @ B H i on August 27, 2006

About me : I think I am changing the world, but I am not. I think I am contributing to the Indian economy, but I guess I am not. I think I love my work, but I do not. I think I hate all people who made me earn my engineering degree, and I do. I think I am living, but and most importantly, I am LOOKING for someone!! Ok…I won’t be funny anymore. I am a cool guy with a zeal to enjoy life (If you know me–> “Just stop laughing!!”)

Relationship status : what?

Birthday : The day my PL is about to fire me.

Age : 10111

Here for: web browsing in company hours.

Children : can’t be (hey, don’t get me wrong here!!)

Ethnicity : Programmer.

Languages I speak : Java, C/C++, 010101110101

Religion: I get holidays on all religious festivals, so I love all religions.

Political view : the guy sitting beside me is a pig!!

Humor : weekly.

Fashion: Ask my company HR. Btw, I like jeans, t-shirt and a cross-bag.

Smoking: The second greatest pleasure on the earth.

Drinking : The first is this.

Pets: Yeah, my PL looks like a dog.

Living: Cummon, this is a stupid one. How can this be asked to a software engineer? Believe me, I am living!!

Hometown : My company (Oh God! Please bring my appraiser to this page)

Webpage: , ß – Isnt it Ultimate???

Passions: searching for the cheapest pub around, cursing my company, looking for other company, remembering my good old college days, worrying about my future.

Sports: quake, CS (Counter Strike), computer chess.

Activities: Are you crazy?

Books: “How to lose weight in 20 days?”, “How to live a happy life?”, “101 ways to attract a girl”, “Java Unleashed”, “C++ at your footsteps”, Others censored.

Music: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Nirvana, ACDC, and anything depressing.

Tv shows : can’t afford one.

Cuisines : Bread Butter, Maggi, anything available within 200 meteres of Home


7 Responses to “Profile of a Software Engineer (Orkut)… Do read.”

  1. Anonymous said


  2. Rashi said

    Hey guy! do u seriously exist? If yes please try to get in touch

  3. Srikanth H said

    very funny…
    i laughed like anything..
    may i know who is the sculptor of this joke.. please try to get in touch

  4. You Have Gotta Gr8 Sanz Of HumA said

    Juz Supa

  5. Gaurav said

    HAHAHAHA…..Very Funny Dude

  6. Awais said

    Please add the following in about me:-
    Some confusions
    1. Can u cry under water?

    2. Do fish ever get thirsty?

    3. Why don’t birds fall out of trees when they sleep?

    4. What do u call a male lady bird?

    5. Why is it called building when it’s already built?

    6. When they say dog food is new & improved in taste, who tastes it?

    7. If money doesn’t grow on trees then why banks have branches?

    8. Why does a round pizza come in sqaure box?

    9.Why doesn’t glue, stick to its bottle;-)..!!

  7. The Engineering Pro…

    […]Profile of a Software Engineer (Orkut)… Do read. « Jokes[…]…

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