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Engineers Vs Doctors

Posted by @ B H i on August 20, 2006

7 Engineers and 7 Doctors are going from PUNE to Mumbai. So all of them gather at Pune Station. Both groups are desperately trying to prove their superiority.


7 engineers take only 1 Ticket and 7 doctors buy all 7 tickets..

Doctors are desperately waiting for TC to come……

When TC arrives, All 7 Engineers get in one toilet SO when TC knocks, one hand comes out with the ticket and the TC goes away….Doctors say “Dekh lenge”

NOW on return Journey All of them don’t get a direct train to PUNE.So they all decide to take a Passenger till Lonavala, as from there they can easily get a LOCAL to PUNE


Doctors decided, “this time we will prove that we too are equally SHAANE”….All 7 Doctors take 1 Ticket, Engineers don’t buy any ticket at all!!!!!..


One engineer gets out and knocks the door of Doctors toilet, One hand comes with the tickets, he takes the ticket and comes in engg Bathroom…

TC DRIVES out ALL the doctors from the toilet and they are heavily fined……..

SO now both the group are on LONAVALA station. Doctors planning their move for last chance, they board the local to Pune.

This time doctors decide that they will play the same (1 ticket ) trick.

ALL Doctors take 1 tickets…Engineers BUY all 7 tickets this time…

SO TC Comes.. All Engineers show their tickets…..  & Doctors are still searching for toilet in the LOCAL train!!!!!!!!


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  1. Snoviodent said

    This might be a silly joke that isn’t worth a reply. But the author is as sick as the other engineers who are unable to resist the respect that doctors still get. They aren’t even satisfied that they earn a hell lot more.

    • Suhas said

      Very good joke………..

      But ‘Snoviodent’ , why are you getting soo senti……it’s only a joke dear.

    • Pijush said

      Soory but I thnk both doctor nd a good engineer earns more or less the same nd get equal respect….:)

      • PIJUSH said

        Agan SORRY …..the thing is Snoviodent u should’nt have said this…. dont get upset after all ‘ALL IS WELL’

    • rahul said


      Whoever thinks doctors are getting more respect than engineers is a RETARD and has been still living in 80’s.
      Dude, 22nd century is engineers world.
      We are the people making the machines and equipment you guys use to detect, cure, and even prolongue then to earn your living.
      It takes you dumbheads about 1 year to just operate a machine that we make.
      Use your head and digest the truth

      • SID said

        WELL SAID

      • Nilesh said

        True said !!

      • hardik said

        Well Said…

      • Anushka saxena said

        ok fine then why don u treat people? if u can operate a machine u can definately operate a human body. after all, its very easy 4 u.isn’t it?? if u get cancer meet an engineer…he will treat u well.

      • Teul Jackson said

        Pinto Tomer

        When an Engineer got injured he always went to doctor but when a Doctor get injured he never went to any Engineer.

        Joks are always joke dont get santy guys. But Natural Truth is.

        I am an engineer but i will still say doctors profession is more respectable than any other profession.

      • Ashique said

        And since when is this the 22nd century? Lol, yep engineers for the win, Lol.

      • deshdipak said

        engineer dudes…do a surgery by keeping the engines on…not by keeping it off…while ur sucessful with tat..then we will talk abt it…next time…until tat..keep peace out here

      • singh said

        100% true bro

      • doctor said

        if u dare… do it… make a robot… gud gud.. that will be really funny toy for us.. dude. our hands are God’s hands…

      • chirag said

        engineers what do you think, that you have god hands!!!!!!!! ok if you have god hands so when your mother was giving birth to you why did she went to a doctor she should have went to a robot

      • sagheer said

        Doctors can do nothing without engineers. their hospitals or clinics are product of civil engg, electricity to work is from ele engg, their medicines -chem & biotech . for all the above, they need machines which are mechanical. even needle is product of engg. so tell me wat can u docs do without taking enggs. help???????

    • very nice , it meets “Engineers Vs Doctors” I”m engineer or doctor the same thing but some difference nd get equal respect….:)

    • shahid khan said

      Engineer can become a doctor but cant see 3 idiots u will get it………..

    • Mkp said

      Engineers are smart 😉

      not lallu lyk doctors !!

      they r extra practical !!

    • Rocky said

      Fuck yourself

    • Rutuja said

      Well said. Thanks

    • praveen said

      remember one thing its not abt engg or dr. Peoples r respected who do his duty with full determinance. Who many dr in this world r known we hardly knows some dr names and that comes to engg tooo. But we know players all around the world, businessman,politician its nit like they r not respected. In this world all r dependent on other by any means. As dr need engg to build machines homes etc so engg need dr for cure.
      Dr and engg are base in this world like ABCD is the basic of eng…
      And u dont need to be hyper. .

  2. Brijesh said

    Very True..!!

  3. Brijesh said

    Very true

    • kish said

      elimination of doctors within 20 we c tat robots r better… accurate work..22nd cntry guys. thnk diff each robot replaces 5 doctors..and we make sure tat v r not gonna take any word 4m them… enggs chill out..

  4. jamz said

    haha..cmon..even the site names joke..both are useful..both are professional.. am i right?? ^_^

  5. amal sasi said

    sorry man
    i agree with snoviodent only agynaec could earn as much as an engineer and still get respect
    cmon engineers build stuff
    doctors save lives
    definitily more respect for doctor

    • Dushyant Bangal said

      dats wrong …

      docs save life with wat?? using stuff built by engineers n scientists

      a job is job n each job should have same respect!

      a doc or engg cannot do the job of plumber or electrician!

      so according to me, both hav same respect!
      today, ppl just pay money in deemed uni n bcome docs!

      plz refer to the following site dr. manisha got too senti with same joke bt later on she understood dat she was wrong n dats why stooped replying…

      may b “amal sasi” will nt read this joke but other ppl who think same will read!

      • prasad b kini (3rd year MBBS) said

        Dr manisha didnt get senti , she is very busy saving ppl’s life (not like you engineers all time free have no work :p :p)

      • Teul Jackson said

        Plumbers or engineers can not save life of any people who is dying by any illness or accident.

        One question to mr Dushyant Bangal

        Can an engineer or any electrician will be able to save anybody’s life by their invented instrument without doctor.

        If anybody get ill anywhere in someones family will you go to the doctor or going to buy medical instrument invented by a engineer.

      • Er.Amit Saini said

        Engineers can also work as a doctor 3 idiots nhi dekhi kya ek Er. delivery kar sakta h but ek doctr kabhi machine nhi bana sakta ..Lolz.. Engineer Rockzzz…..

      • Doctors are the best….!!!!

    • sagheer said

      that was a noble profession long back. now its the best business

  6. Munish Suryavansi said

    Nice joke

  7. Rahul said

    i also agree with sms. engi rocks. and abt respect that is not important in now a days

  8. priyanta sarkhel said

    is that so, respect is not important now a days??? my engg. friends donot even try to compare with med. students……… respect always matters…..and a doctor or a good engg. is always greeted with huge respect and money..

    • doctor said

      it is the respect which matters…. I agree a medico is far superior… atleast a dr never starts such a rubbish debate.. we are calm and soft…

  9. umesh paneru said

    very good joke,guys…..i really like this..

  10. drsumedh said

    cmon dont take it seriously guys its just a joke im doctor n i sent this msg2my eng. frnds bt replaced doc wit eng. though…! N2my dear frnd respect matters u will cme2know it. Neways say al is well..!

  11. roger rash said


    i just pity all these dickhead engineers who come to doctors to get their ass saved in case of medical emergencies. Why aint these cock suckers go to some dumb machine making assholes for their not so deserving life to be saved. People i don’t want to be rude but the truth is truth. Docs are next to God.We work on the finest of God’s creation “the human body ” while its still running and then operate on it and not like these crappy engineers who work their things on stupid machines while they are off. Dude, it takes guts to be a doctor and i am proud of my profession…Assholes!!….

  12. krunal k said

    u eng.are alway rank second. doc are alway first. do u now student having highest percentage choose which side? u knows it very well. by the way u know what is earning of doc. neurosurgeon 50 lakh month surgeon, medicine, gynaec,anaesthetist,paediatric 1 lakh to ….. lakh per month plus respect.u bullshit eng u have to take another birth to make such money.

    • Anil said

      doing a PG in surgery and getting 50 lacs as a pay is max in docs profession,

      we engineer gets millions as incentives and crores as company shares , what do u guys get.

      engineer rocks doctor sucks

    • vishal said

      hey you engineers are the creators of the world..just remember you money comparative man…and you just say that PG surgery 50 just insulted the doctors line by comparing with just the mind brokerzz..get it out

  13. shanu said

    A mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Harley motorcycle when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop. The cardiologist was there waiting for the service manager to come take a look at his bike when the mechanic shouted across the garage ” Hey Doc, want to take a look at this?”

    The cardiologist, a bit surprised, walked over to where the mechanic was working on the motorcycle. The mechanic straightened up, wiped his hands on a rag and asked, “So Doc, look at this engine. I open its heart, take the valves out, repair any damage, and then put them back in, and when I finish, it works just like new. So how come I make $39,675 a year (a pretty small salary) and you get the really big bucks ($1,695,759) when you and I are doing basically the same work?”

    The cardiologist paused, smiled and leaned over, then whispered to the mechanic…

    ”Try doing it with the engine running.”

  14. engineer r god of next century. and dr. are nothing in comparison of the engineer. in next era. engineer have a license to use the .

  15. Nimish said

    Lol nice joke 😛

  16. Dr. Manjit said

    For an Mbbs seat you need to say 35 lakhs in any state for management quota.
    For an engineering seat you need to pay 15 lakhs and you get your fucking B.E.

    No one goes to an engineer for an emergency.

    I got my admission on merit. Not like you fools you don’t know how much your parents had spend on you for this degree. Whatever mbbs or Be.

    You pay money and get and get any degree you want.

    Doctor will always have Dr. The two golden letters in front of their names. And engineers have better scope abroad. So what is the use fighting on this topic as idiots.

    Behave professionals. And for those who are engineers. Just remember you come to the world with help of medical science.

    After watching 3 idiots you engineers have forgotten your place. Respect the doctors. I am not begging, but one day when you meet with an accident. You all will come to know your inventions are a bunch of bhangar without doctors.

    • Siddhant said

      A doctorate certificate is also given to a high level class-A-type engineer like Dr.Baburam Bhattarai of Nepal. So actually engineers like him can also have the two GOLDEN letters. Its all about the struggle(hard-work). 🙂
      You are indeed very true to be based on merit, I don’t like the other type anyway. Doctors and Engineers go hand in hand. They are like the two sides of a coin. When you flip a coin, either heads or tails is bound to come. You cannot ignore the fact that the HEAD and TAIL are the very part of the same coin with same size, diameter and volumetric properties. Engineers bring change to make things better, doctors help them out when they make a slight mistake which causes calamities. Thus, Engineers are all helpless without doctors! Viz-a-viz, Doctors need equipment to work out their operation. The hi-tech gadgets , medical equipment, disinfectant mechanisms, life support system …. and every other little-to-big thing in a normal operation is made successful with the merit of Engineer. A Doctor and his staff are a bunch of people awaiting the patient to die, if he is without any equipment. Hence, a doctor has 0% success rate without Engineers.

      Conclusion: If its a Doctors’ world or an Engineers’ world, the world will not cease to exist as it has till now. In REAL life, Engineers and Doctors are mutually connected professionally because its for the better 😀

      btw. * If you really wanna talk about big cash and all, let me remind you that the BIGGEST cash is in the IT sector. The maker of microsoft messenger “HOTMAIL”; Sabeer Bhatia… made money over $40million for this single project… a file which you can download for FREE today….some 3-4Mbs maybe…. It was this file which compelled Microsoft maker Bill Gates to come to South Asia for the first time in his life… in India.

      THAT is the power of MERIT!! so people, understand merit, not profession 😀

      • seth adam said

        BRAVO BRAVO!!! Siddhant.. well said.. i think ur reply was the best one and the most relevant for the topic.. but i should mention one thing.. doctors help just to get born.. and health treatment for the engineers.. but whole profession of the doctors depends on technology of the engineers.. so profession wise engineer are more ahead than the doctors(not putting doctors down) but should respect both.. and as u said no reason of fighting who earns most… coz software developers and IT specialists are the top payed professionals in the world.. no doctors or engineers..

      • Mohammbed said

        @seth adam said: “software developers and IT specialists are the top payed professionals in the world.. no doctors or engineers”..
        They are also engineers( Software Engineer, IT Engineer etc)

    • doctor said

      agree bro… I am an AIPMTIAN and proud to be… these engnrs get there asshole seat by paying 10-13 lakhs even after scoring 5,00,000 ranks in aieee… and still boast…

    • NIRAV said

      tumari maaki chut sale doctors

      • ENGINEER SAID said

        Hey Nirav mind your language man. both engineers and doctors are necessary for the development of world engineer cant do a thing without doctors and doctors cannot do a single injection to a patient or cant even treat their patients with the help of engineers,so eat some FOOD and sleep until u get well from the mental illness

  17. numan said

    you all doctors burn with engineers..u all will know that engineers can go to space and in the depth of ocean and sea.. engineers are inventers..u all doctors can’t do any surgery and treatment without engineers x-ray machine, ct scan etc.. ur house,cell phone,computer,tv,hospital,roads,transport,clothes every thing is cose of engineers..u even reach in time to your hospital without car.hahaha…and the 22th century is totaly machine era..engineers invent artificial heart kidney etc…u doctors can’t do any thing with lame person but engineers can do it engineers r now trying to invent hand and leg which is totaly in controle of person.

  18. numan said

    if doctrs talking about the respect so plz ur idea is wrong becouse Bill Gates is well known all over the world who is on engineering base (software engineering). in our country pakistan every person know our nuclear engineer heroe (ABDUL QADEER KHAN) who make atom bomb for pakistan and i know he will known to all over the world…the top 10 reach people of the world belongs to engineering base..some have mobile company some have software company etc.. and u know how much peoples respect them…now if doctors talking about money so plz i already mensioned the top 10 reachest people of the world is the base of engineering…no one will see any doctor or sergeon in the list..

  19. numan said

    ok..if doctors are talking about good behavior so ones again the doctors are failed becouse in above forum all the doctors use harsh rude and bad words and also abused and the engineers use soft once again u failed.!..and one day all doctors will be useless becouse the engineers will invent the robots who will do sergeory better than doctors..bcoz u know that a machine can do any thing fast and good! human can do mistake but machine can do always right…so after some years all doctors will be useless..and engineers will asign this task to super computer robots…! if doctrs talking about saving of lives so once again they failed becouse engineers save more lives t

  20. harshad jain said


  21. shilpi said

    thank god i am bcom
    hahaha i dont have to fight like cat and dogs like u all
    i am very happy and i earn 2.5 lakhs per month
    as i am doing business

  22. vignesh said

    in a society, both of the sects are necessary… engineers have more money, more fun.. doctors have more respect, more of humanity and “the ability to cure most of the diseases… and engineer may have invented X Ray… but he can never use it to his good to know whether its a lung cancer of tuberculosis.. a doctor can differentiate a lung cancer and tuberculosis from pnuemonia.. and he may have to take help of a medical physicist.. everybody values living.. even engineers… doctors command respect…

  23. Kalib3r said

    Dekho bhaiya saaf si baat hai jisne padhna hai aish karni hai wo engineer bane
    Aur jisne padhna hai padhna hai padhna hai…
    Main kya bol raha tha haan
    Jisne padhte rehna hai aur beep panti karni hai wo doc bane

  24. dr.bagchi said

    only the brightest and the best make it into medical colleges.and btw for making those dumb machines you need to come to the world, we make you see the light.only god and doctors have the ability to heal. We work on the finest creation of god i.e. The human body.after all you will never have those two golden letters in front of your name dr.and what do you mean by unsolved mysteries in engineering., do you think everything is solved in medicine?.this words of yours speaks of sheer lack of ingorance and general awareness of engineers. Your own statement clarifies that majority of students who go to engineering are average to low grade people, sparing a few who make into iit.

    • shakeel said

      mr bagchi in india the brightest students goes in to IIT(a govt engg college), & it is a indian govt survey

    • gafsoft said

      I will give you exact numbers and you can check on the net if you have any doubts doctor, in my country tunisia when you finish your bac and you’re going to integrate a university you have to have a marks superior to 18,5 out of 20 to integrate IPEST which is a preparatory school of ingineering and the person who have between 17,5 or superior can get in the medical school of the capital which is FMT(tunis faculty of medecine) and after that who have16 or superior can choose between IPEIT a preparatory school of engineering, faculty of medecine of sfax or mounastir.
      I don’t want to be very rude but engineers in nowadays deals with imperfections (machines) but they make the civilization :the era of nanotechnology,telesurgery and doctors with perfection (living machines) but they are not in the front lines in making the civilization , I would also add that doctors are respected coz they are in direct contact with people who are always seeing the doing of docs but engineers in companies and industry they are in contact with a restrected number of people and people don’t watch the engineer working so they don’t notice what and how are eng doing
      So that can explain why docs are let’s say more respected

  25. dr.bagchi said

    now what that is doing over here? You are out of this league of titans, just piss off.

  26. dr.bagchi said

    in my high school batch of 43 students, 29 ”went” to engineering and 3 were ”selected” into medical colleges.

  27. Nithil said

    Hi I am an engineer and still i believe that doctors get more respect and they earn it.
    I do agree that engineers make machines that is used by doctors, but at the end of the day doctors make the best use of it and save peoples life.

    Doctors are respected more in society ( in general) but only few engineers could ever match that.

    Nithil Malguri
    IIT Roorkee

    PS: No doctor has ever invented any biological weapons, engineers ( Bio technology) have. Apart from that, engineers made several other weapons of mass destructions.

  28. healer said

    just survey this fact. A person automatically shows more respect to a man on knowing that he is a doc than to an engineer. An engineer is a normal person with no divine capabilities. U can live without cars, phones, laptops, tv,etc. But u cannot with a brain haemorrhage. First u need to live in order to enjoy the world.

  29. Er. Subrat Tripathi said

    what ever everybody say, but those fucker DOCTORS ARE STILL RESPECTED in our society…leaving all top 10(or even top 100) world known personalities, a common man respects these doctors…
    I dont y, they are paid so much and respected so much..??

  30. healer said

    it is apparent that the engineers are so frustrated with the exhorbitant magnitude of prestige that the designation dr. Carries that they are making absurd and fantasy desig er. To cope up with this. This er. Term is a joke and is not recognised anywhere globally

  31. Sambuddha Adhikari said

    Scene 4 : One of the engineers has a heart attack.. Now all their tricks are out of order.. They go to the doctors and the Doctors save the Poor fellow….

    PS:I am not a medical student…I am studying Engineering at IIT Kgp..

  32. Sinchana said

    I wonder wat we gona get by fighting ovr whether an engineer is great or a doctor.
    Both the proffesions are gud in their own ways.
    Engineers play a major role but so do a doctor…its just being kiddish arguing who z great o who rules
    N well..engineers ought to respect doctors..they deserve it..engineers are no less in anythng but stil a doctor is somethng realy proud to be:-) an engineer an am proud of it:-)

  33. Faizan Ali said

    engineers r great and constructive minded………proud to be engineer………..!!!!!!!!!!

  34. dear friends i am going to tell you truth, that who is better.
    so engineers are more better than doctors.. don’t worry i am going to tell you that how?
    if we talking about the earning so engineers earn much more then doctors.. if you search the first 50 richest people of the world you will see that all peoples belongs to engineering like BILL GATES a software engineer and owner of MICROSOFT COMPANY, another one CARLOS have mobile phone company, another WARREN BUFFET owner of 60 companies etc… so engineers are much wealthy then doctors that is clear…
    now the matter is respect… so engineers are still one step forward then doctors. a nuclear engineers of every country who make atomic bombs for the country get lot of respect.. in saudi arabia the millineries peoples goes behind CIVIL ENGINEERS to design the roads in front of his property that his property becomes much worthy.. in china the engineering student get 60000 rupees in training but medical student give him money for training…
    and doctors are only operators every machine is designed by ENGINEERS, doctors can not do any surgery with out machines and surgical instruments.. even you cant find blood pressure with out B.P set..
    ENGINEERS save much lives then doctors ENGINEERS provide AC and fan in summer and heater in winter,
    you doctors do surgery to remove kidney stone but engineers make a machine by which doctors do not have need of surgery.
    you doctors will useless because engineers are inventing that type of robots which will treat much faster and correctly then doctors.
    this century is machine century every country spend 90% money on defense system… so GOOD BYE doctors…. and proud to be engineer.

  35. sukhi said

    dear doctors i agree that you saves life, but in reality er. r doing much more for humanity in uncountable ways.
    from whole upper conversation and practical world it is very clear that engineer’s contribution is above doctors in saving life, n er. r above dr. as they r more intelligent, creative,energetic, talented,smart,brainy,daring, n even much more romantic too……

    i’m not posting my view it’s a truth that you doctors have limited thinking level like a frog of well. you d’t know the world out, out of your well,that’s y ur continuously repeating only one thing(dr. above er. dr. above er. dr. above er.)toyen toyen toyen like frog. so come out of the well and see the world and adopt the truth of the world.

  36. shahzad said

    Stethoscope,ECG,computers and all other equipments used by doctors are made by engineers even engineers produces electricity

    • Subhajit Dasgupta said

      Stethoscope by Rene Laenac a french physician
      ECG by Sir William Einthoven a dutch physiologists/// Most doctors have precise understanding of the physics that guide our instruments of work, so its not difficult to innovate and built either.

  37. K V S said

    we all know that stethoscope, ECG and all other machines that come under medical profession r invented by engineers but these dumbs engineers forget that these instruments – will be used for all ‘people’ n remember these r used by Docs



  38. Anand Hase said

    Both professions are different. They having equal respect in there fields. Dont fight about money they getting coz. there is not end line for talented person who getting money for his talent.
    I am an engineer and proud to be engineer…. Thanks.

  39. steeve said

    comon guys just enjoy the joke why y guys r fighting on such a stupid reason i liked that joke becoz it was good n not bcoz m a enggnr if docs post more hillarious joke than this i will also appriciate that

  40. Suhaib said

    Hi Mr. Suhaib here to announce the results. & the rezult is

    Eng. 10/10
    Doc. 0/10

    The docs got 2 points for the “Golden Words dr.” & -2 for getting jalous of engs as their harsh & abusing words indicates Total: 0
    engg: 8+2= 10


  41. Dr. Nilesh said

    Hi Er’s

    So you guys say that you are in top 50 people in world and other stuff.. I would just like to know from my engineer friends that how many of you people do charity work or help poor people.. I guess apart from the top 50 people none of u must be involved in such activities.. On the contrary almost all the doctors are involved in such activities.. I my self work in a government hospital and I attend at least 1 camp per month organized for poor people living in rural areas.. This is a reason why we people are respected at least by the poor community.. You people just keep on saying that one day when I will become a rich man I will donate some of my money to this trust that trust.. but in real no one does this thing except for a few..

    You people too can get involved in such activities but none of you comes forward.. You people just want to boast your self that doctors has to depend on the machines invented by us so we people are great.. But dear friends we have delivered you out of your mothers wombs safely so you guys are able to do these things..

    Anyways you people keep on boasting your self.. This is the thing which you people can do better..

    • Deep said

      Dr. Nilesh, you might have lost the tract that you people have started the question of being richer in medical career than than that of engineering. and this is the answer from the engineering deptt. And as per the charity and social services are concerned, GOENKAJI and RAMDEVJI are contributing much more with a skyhigh difference. than you people. Its an undenying fact that engineers are the inventors and doctors are the dependents/operators..engineers use their innovative thoughts and ideas to make life easy and for medical practices..i have seen many boosting natures claiming their greatness, talking about brain haemorrhage in the above comments. do you people think that you can save a person with brain haemorrhage by doing operation with bamboo sticks or the knives available at home?? Whatever equipment or apparatus u got to see without which you people are nothing are just the ideas of the engineers..inspite of expressing gratitude to engineers for making your practices easier and possible you are claiming superiority which is bullshit..

  42. Suhaib said

    haha Dr. nilesh when i was in engineering university i used to gave blood to persons which were dieing of unavailibility of blood & thus saved their lives. Now i am a mechanical Engineer & i make ambulances in which injured people are carried to hospital on time. Another of my friend z a civil engineer & builds hospitals in which thousands of poor people r cured. Well what z dis? What do u think dr nilesh? Charity depends upon field?

  43. Suhaib said

    you r a doctor & having such a narrow mind. Pity

  44. Engineer’s are far better than doctor’s,so proud to be an engineer.

  45. kool sam said

    life first … leisure later.. so doctors 1st n engineers 2nd!

    n just 1 more thing.. if there were no doctors.. none of us had taken a healthy birth to become either doc or engg!

  46. Kevin said

    So …. to solve this problem, Er. Marry a Dr. I am an Er and going to marry a Dr.

    Fight continue in Home sweet home.

  47. Durgesh marathe said

    It’s really funy……….so sweet ………..i like this jok’s.

  48. sanoj kumar said


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  52. armaghan said

    believe me people if u count the numbers for doctors vs engineers …there is no way engineers can win in near future…i am writing some reasons understand them rationally…
    >ask someone who is at the edge of dying and to him doctor is the last person after God who can save him…
    >either engineers or anyone ,they should not forget that they born in the hands of nurses and doctors..
    >doctors deal with humans not machines, and humans are lot more difficult and complicated than machines…
    >regarding idea about inventing machines….yes invented by engineers …but not even then they can interpret results…doctor interprets and decides which is better for his patient.
    >the one who saves a human saves whole of saves lives everyday how many engineer saves???
    >and in the last engineers retire but doctors never …they expire

  53. Engineers Pay Taxes and Doctors don’t…….is’n that punny

  54. If a King goes to an engineer,the King will order him to design this that thing in this that way…i.e. the King will order a engineer.

    If the same King goes to a doctor,the DOCTOR will ORDER the KING to take this that medicine in this that way…i.e.the doctor will ORDER the KING or PRESIDENT.

  55. Engineers or Doctors, all are human. Without both society can’t exist. So please let us(Doctors ANDEngineers) conclude this debate about who is better. Docs and Engineers are the best…….Applicable to Docs 🙂
    Engineers and Docs are the best…….Applicable to Engineers 🙂
    WE ARE THE BEST!!! 😀

  56. Rajat_Mehra said

    jst asked to the upcoming generation “wt they all want to become?”
    anything else to prove?????

  57. vijay said

    u engineers,know that top10 richest are engineers.but don’t u know that lakhs of engineers are roaming on roads without jobs.this is the fact that u peaple can’t please don’t waste ur time in posting rubbish.use ur time in searching for a job . . .. otherwise go to a doctor,he will change ur thoughts without using a machine

  58. nitin said

    The only thing I know that Lady doctors are very sexy. Medical colleges have more sexy gls that that of engineering college. I am an frastroo engineer…..ladki ladki ladki…maal ladki in always in medical coll.

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  60. Subhajit Dasgupta said

    You guys are retards.We save lives with the equipment you built. How many of you doodle engineers except a handful of IITians has ever built something.? You are just labour shacking cheap machinery for the rich, you idiots we work with something as important as human life sometimes in primitive conditions with mediveal equipment, sometimes with ofcourse technically superior equipment built by engineers who wont be silly enough to come here and call a doctor dumb. YOu birdbrains can never loose because of your sheer number in the next few years Every second guy around me will be an engineer because its so damn easy, all you need is your father to pay that too has different tariff options.

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  63. Diwakar said




    • seth adam said

      thats why engineers are developing robots and nano technology to eliminate doctors.. the accurate robots will do the surgeries far better than doctors.. nano technology will bring up tiny robots which will automatically get in to the infected areas and cure them with out even knowing to the patient.. so after may be 20 or 30 years.. we will don’t care even doctors strike for a year.. coz we can hire more people to clean up the robots.. and anyone will not die.. doctors era has sadly finished… sorry bro.. no point in arguing about doctors.. they are gone and gone forever.. aah.. but there will be doctors.. who got the doctorate in software engineering, chemical engineering,mechanical engineering..etc

      • cali said

        and won’t the great engineers be able to create robots that can make robots?!!! then the future seems equally bland for engineers too bro :p

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  66. abc said

    I am an electrical engineer and respect true doctors. Every occupation is important: engineers, doctors, janitors, waiters, postman, fireman, police, nurse, technicians, construction workers etc. So shut the hell up you dummys, who are fighting like idiots.

  67. irfan shah said

    what then the engineer proved they can survive anywhere

  68. kish said

    elimination of doctors are possible.. in 22nd century technology has so much dvlpd.. so ther r chances of keeping robots.. which is very accurate,no word of tiredness..guys thnk diff each robots replaces 5 doctors of all..and even any can suggest or give a command 4 it..for thngs 2 b done o its of no use getting trained o studying all through out when robot hav better mistakes done by humans are more wher robots r nil.. we engg can eliminate u ppl.. be aware..

  69. Amith said

    Ha ha who do u engineers go to when you are sick??? a mechanic??? what u dont understand is a Dr slogs day in and out so that you people can live happily not worrying about himself or his family….u guys may develop a machine which helps us treat u better and thats for your own good but then u dont have a person’s life in your hand,……
    at this point i remember some one telling me a Mechanic’s job is to repair the engine of a vehicle much like a heart surgeon who also works on the engine of the Human body!!!! the only differences are when the mechanic is doing it the engine isnt running and also he doesnt have a life at stake…..the value of is seldom known…..and yes try treating a patient under the pressure of loved ones,,,,,, one day u will understand…….and yes the robots being mentioned need someone to teach them the procedures to be done… will need the knowledge of 5 different super specialists if at all u have to feed in the information as an Engineer wont know how precisely a surgical maneuver has to be done…..
    Anyways i feel both need to go hand in hand as one cant last without the other…..being a Medico myself i feel you dont have the right to sat anything about a Dr’s life unless u’ve been thru it

  70. kish said

    well big xplntn ha..i must take you up on that point where u said abt info fed as an engnr..wouldn’t b up 2 much.. well dont go abt past thnk engnrn is ntng but a new tech..we cud also feed any info more than a man does.. same as your comp..smtyms man wud nt b able to do..i mean you dnt hav 2 slog out so much 4 trainin whr a comp and elect world do in a matter of when you take up on surgical maneuver i wud better reply the point as i said.. so better stoop down 4 smtn n think a lot..

  71. pushkar said

    by reading all this im surprised. all of u guys talking n fighting like cat dogs both of u are pillars of this society so dont fight show your mature gesture to society becoz society needs both profession fot growth and progress. both are depends on each other.
    by d way im an engineer my wife is doc. i have son and he want to bcame a footballer thank god he dint choose engineering/medicine.

    i hope everybody understands my feelings…

  72. pushkar said

    by reading all this im surprised. all of u guys talking n fighting like cat dogs both of u are pillars of this society so dont fight show your mature gesture to society becoz society needs both profession fot growth and progress. both are depends on each other.
    by d way im an engineer my wife is doc. i have son and he want to bcame a footballer thank god he dint choose engineering/medicine.

    i hope everybody understands my feelings…

  73. programi said


    […]Engineers Vs Doctors « Jokes[…]…

  74. sadat said

    God saves life not doctors……@Doctors come outta this illusion……..Now u ll say God saves through our hands…

    All these medical equipment were invented by engineers . ?????????

  75. aniket said

    if a doctor makes a mistake,only 1 person dies,but if engineer makes a mistake thousands of people can die…engineers do work that requires a lot of talent and hardwrk….we engineers rock!!!!!!!!

  76. man can survive wid out er. but cant wid out dr, dr.s r just next to god on this earth and unki value er. ko tb pta lagti he jab vo khud ya apne family member ke liye hospital me hote he dr. ko er ki jarurat nhi he bt er ko he rha sawal machines ka to jb purane tym me machines nahi thi tb bhi dr. life savers hote the vo tab bhi bhi next to god the and aj bhi he and hamesha rahege

    • Dr.Sourabh said

      doctors rocks yaar..they have some great abilities which eng. Dnt hav n they dnt want 2 admit it..insted de r jelous of docs. Bcoz they get much more respect everywhere..they get it coz they deserve it..they do sumthing very important related directly to human life..whatever machinary,equipments we use,its just for saving life..making machine is somewhat easy but its interpretation n then taking right decision which either saves or can destroy or ends someone’s life at a moment..its a smartwork which only doctors do..not machines or any machinemaker or robots..

  77. shaik said

    Nut Heads No doctor Works on heart while its beating They stop heart & operate on it & then re start the heart with pace maker who is this nut head who posted this Joke.
    Even though Todays technology engineers can repair engines & machines to some extent while they are runnung In few decades they can really repair the nook 7 corner of the machine while its in running condition

    • Dr.Sourabh said

      no doctor is a fool as mentioned in joke at d top of this page..they might be engineers themselves..becoz previously i’ve heard the same joke in which engineers were searching toilet in locals..u just reversed it,which is d best thing engineers can do..just edit copy n paste,n 2 say we r this ur intelligence.?
      Who is dis nut head dat posted this joke here like this.?go get some robots n get repaired ur dumbhead with that birdbrain inside..or simply do a CT of ur birdbrain n come 2 a doctor,he wil surely repair u..Get wel soon

  78. The Engineer Pro…

    […]Engineers Vs Doctors « Jokes[…]…

  79. Amit Chauhan said

    No offense but those who are all supporting Doctors here are either doctors n trying to be one..Common guys it is just a joke..laugh n happily guys..By fighting here don’t try n prove it that u guys are actually Dumb..Have a life guys.

    • Dr.Sam said

      no offences.?
      Is that u want 2 say.?
      People supporting engin. N who created this page for a stupid joke over doctors are all engineers..what is d need of doing dis.?does it make any sense.?what does dis shows.?anyone can tell now,who is dumb.?

  80. sensible said

    Its sad that evry1 is fighting. 1 thing i wud point out. many engg supported docs but not a single doc supported engg not evn 1 person. as well as the language and intensity of words used here by the doc supporters is unnecessary. Both professions r impt and respectable. But its universal truth tat docs dont end up getting what they deserve but engg get lot more than wat they deserve (in terms of the effort and money put in and the return got). it a matter of choice and sacrifice ultimately. pls docs get it into ur head tat no shop will give u a pint of rice if u go and tell them ‘iam a doc and am highly respected and i save ppls life’ so jus stop the argument and jus b happy for who u r.

  81. aashis trivedi said

    I am a Mechanical Engineer from IIT kanpur. i just cant stop laughing after reading this entire thread!!!! two strongholds of the society are fighting for supremacy! take out one, another would stop functioning!! great!! LOL! hey docs, WITH GREAT POWERS, COME GREAT RESPONSIBILITY. be responsible and respecful!!

  82. aashis trivedi said

    My cousin practices medicine in Harvard. there doctors along with Mechatronics engineers have built a robot, with a size of 1/100th of a sugar cube, which is programmed to enter into any blood vessel or tissue and perform required detection…… u guys just dont know how this world is developing…. i just pity ur stone-age customs and beliefs!! carry on!!! LOL!

  83. rahul thala said

    any medical instrument used by doctor’s is truely made by an engineer….lol!
    we engineer always rock’s

  84. Jjaasooos said

    Those robots cant save life without docs. Suppose person is having pain in abdomen,,robot will go through information and if there r 10 problems with common symptom,robot might give all medications together which is extremely toxic 4 body,, world cant survive without doctors,and are respected much much more then engineer, in every field.

  85. aashis trivedi said

    who says doctors aren’t needed? every engineer gives due respect to the doctors…its them who refuse to accept the brilliance of others and carry a false air of superiority,,, please stop this foolish fight guys and accept the importance of everyone..

  86. Jai said

    Woah….Engi & Docs chill dudes. I guess both are important professions but Engineering is vast. Lets see we are discussing here is platform provided by engineer. IPAD, IPOD , LAP, 3G, 4G,, luxuary Cars, skyper buildings, hospitals,, and yeah Facebook ..see around Docs ..its all engineering… So I must say medical itself is a part of Engineering . And if you talk about need then must thank farmers who grow food, soldiers who saves us, the system in which we lives. If still any Doc think that they need some extra respect then come up to me…@

  87. Dip said

    heyy..the internet that you are using to talk rubbish..was it invented by a retard doctor?? Well, I doubt that..

  88. faizal said

    hello??? im proud to be an engineer..we are amazing..we are awesome..we engineers can do anything..while doctors can only cure..but remember, even we created all those medical instrument, we cant cure without, both are important n respectable..we need each other..and the most important thing is, im in love with a doctor..n im pretty sure theres more engineers and doctors out there are in me..even engineers do more in life, we still need a doctor..we both are equal..

  89. Rahul said

    both are very neccesary in our society.i respect to doctor because doctor are second god for patient, but ek baat hai ki jitne v doctor divices use karte o sab engineers ki den hai.

  90. A doc.. said

    u bastard enginees..go 2 work..or nobody knows recession vil cum n u vil be jobless..
    U donkeys, dnt be jelous wid doct.
    U r obuiously inferior 2 dem..u vil never get respect like needs guts 2 be a doct..

  91. Rahul said

    Enggrs neva cheats..all hav must seen satyamev jayate’s episode on doctors…now tell me what ur self respect say abt that…

  92. A doct. said

    Kisne bola engin. Never cheats..
    amir khan ne engin. Ko koi imaandar hone ka certificate diya he kya..wo saala khud kitna imaandar he sabko pata he..kon hota he wo dusro ko akal sikhanewala,jab wo khud hi ek ghatiya insaan he..
    Har insaan accha bhi hota he,bura bhi hota he..wafadar bhi hota he,dhokebaj bhi hota he..koi 100% accha ya bura nahi ho sakta..

  93. A doct. said

    Aur kya device device laga rakha sab instruments,devices scientist aur doctors invent karte he..
    Engineers sirf factory me usko manufacture n quality control karte he..dats a donkey work,labor wok.nothing more dan dat..

  94. A doct. said

    Stethoscope invented by a french physician Dr.Lenaec..
    ECG invented by a dutch physician Dr.Einthoven..
    All other instruments n devices 2 r invented by doct. N scientist..
    Not by engineers..
    Now feed dis bitter truth in ur robotic birdbrains..

    • adam hodgins said

      doctor can give ideas that “it would be great if i had some thing like that to do something” and engineer invents it.. he makes it reality..

    • hari said

      Dr. Lenaec and Dr. Einthoven are not Doctors(medicos) but they are Doctorate in science known as Ph.D.

  95. Rajesh said

    Its true yaar..engineers r nt as great as docs..
    Engi. Enjoys life a lot dan docs..
    Very few engin. Work hard n becomes successful like bill gates..nt all..all other work in companies fr 12 hrs n tk salary..they r nt even comparable wid docs..
    I m a CA..i hv seen my frnd becoming doct..passed mbbs frm govt. Clg..then studied 2 md he is a successful doct..he earns,status,he gets blessings frm poor people..n most imp he gets a huge respect in society which i think these poor people dnt even give 2 bill gates..and each n every doct. Gets such a respect n status..they r d real heros of society..most of d doct. Do Md,MS etc..but how many engineers become bill gates.?
    I also earn lot as a CA but i truly say i dnt get such a respect anywhere..
    This is d thing fr which engin. Become jelous wid docs even if they get more money dan docs,they r nt respected..n never wil be..

  96. Dhrumil verma said

    Haaaaaaaaaa HAahahaahaha…..

  97. Mack said

    @Dhrumil verma–Abe chutiye hasne k liye aya kya yahape,comment karni he to kar,nahi jamta to bhaag yahase bhosdike..

  98. kick-o said

    excuse me i am no one, just simply helping the other. I use fake email address, cause i dont want to deeply involved in this debate… doctors… or… engineers… just a matter of profession…. after all to have the heart which always wants to help others is more important than this f*cking sh*t profession diversity…. we all one, “human”… difference is everywhere, not all doctors are good as same as not all engineers are good. this story is sick, this thread is sick. do you want to sick arround? lets sick together. PS: Dont be proud of doctors, Dont be proud of engineers dont be proud of your profession, be proud of kind heart you have…

  99. Raghav said

    Engineering to koi tapori bhi kar leta he boss aajkal..its nt a difficult thing..
    Mehnat to doctor banne me lagti he..aise hi nhi banta koi bhi..

    • SANDIP said


      • T-Master said

        I’m a mechanical engineering student, and cudn’t help but intervene on this funny and seemingly pointless thread. 1st of all, it should be clear tht theres a huge difference beteewn a “mechanic” & an “engineer”. Mechanics are pple whu operate machines, and engineers are the individuals who come up (from scratch!) with the concepts/ideas & detailed plans on hw to create such equipment, thereafter turnin them in2 concrete inventions(ain’t tht cool?!). medicine and Eng are far too different really to compare, and each 1 of them is prestigeous & respectable in its own way. I will say that in truth, doctors r generally more respected in public than engineers. the public knows the doctors as the “life savers” because thy have a direct contact with doctors when their lives get saved, like when you’re being treated 4rm cancer.BUT we can’t deny the fact that engineers also play an equaly important role in saving lives, bcos the medical equipment are products of their intelligence & mental effort. Engineers are innovative people and they also deserve respect. Haha lol ok so in concluding, there’s simply no better one, we are all needed by society and we are a working-team, and not critics of 1 one another’s profession……Doctors: YOU ROCK! Engineers: WE ROCK!!

  100. doctor abhi said

    doctors are great since eternity… they used to operate and cure even when there were no such eqpmnts… as far earning is concerned… our stipend outpasts engnrs initial salary… as far respect is concerned we are God on the earth…plz open ur mind and accept the truth… agar yaha itni baat nahi hui hoti to main kahta ki dono professionals hain and deserve equal respect.

  101. Engr, MUSSADAQ KHALID said

    both engineer and doctor have respect …both are play their rule in the race of life,,,doctor are nothing without engineer and engineer are nothing with out doctor,….so don’t anger with each other and respect each other…

  102. Nashif said

    People………If engr. fail to do his work people lose money(regular work) and if docs fails to do his work (any work) people lose people……So it means average successful docs are a bit more respected than average successful engr. But that dose not mean docs are better than engrs. Beginning of man kind people as much as they needed docs to get cured they needed engr to build home,weapons,boats to stay away from weather, animal or to get food to SURVIVE.

    I am trying not to be rude but doc are not needed if no one is sick and engr are everyday useful………………………………………..

  103. Nashif said

    again,,,engr needs to work hard to get people killed. But docs don’t need to work at all to get people killed…..(i am a soon to be engr)

  104. Nashif said

    people need engr to not to get sick. so “no sick people=No docs”……………. 😀

  105. mohit behal said

    i can say what engineers earn they r pround of ..and percentage is more than 80% and what doctors earns they r proud of percentage is 1%.This is the real difference.
    For me doctors and relaince fresh both r same;

  106. mohit behal said

    Are baapre,kitna jalte he ye engineer log doct. Logose..bechare 90% se jyada engineers ko kutta bhi nhi puchta..respect to dur ki baat he..its natural fr dem 2 be jealous wid docs..are doct. to doct. Hote he,zindagiya bachate he..insaan zinda rahega to hi tumhare banaye gaadi,bangla,mobile use karega na murkh logo..all these r secondary n facultative is obligatory.

  107. Shiva said

    nashif 1 no. Ka gadha he..

  108. Drravi said

    mere engineer bhaiyo ye Jo aap machenics ki Baat kar rahe ho na ye us zamaane Mai kaha they jab ye nahi hoa kartey they par phir bhi doctors, surgery as well as treatment Kiya kartey they koi aap logo ke inventions se hi hum doctors based nahi hai, jab ye inventions nahi hue they tab bhi surgery and treatment hua kartey they samjhe na……..aap or aap ke useless inventions………!!!!!!

  109. arun said



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  119. xyz said

    its awesome!!! really doctors rock this world. they are far better then the doctors

  120. cirkit said

    Take this test…If you have pain in your stomach….go to a doctor and tell him that you have pain in the knee and you will see that he will shamelessly treat your knee without realising that your stomach was paining…he will even charge you for treating your knee…foolish doctors…Put a machine in front of an engineer and he will tell where the defect is…he will not wait for the machine to speak..logically engineers are much better than doctors…can any doctor challange this?

  121. ram said

    abe chutiye,do u know te fact dat..human body is most complex system of world..no1 can compare it with ur machines,which have very straight mechanisms.its a very difficult to diagnose human body defects as compared 2 ur easy machines.even ur super computer is nothing in front of human brain.
    once take look medicine books..u will say dat,u
    dnt know anything about human body.U r just a piece of shit.ur brain might be studded with shit pellets.go n wash it.

    • anshu kumar said

      hello..dear m agree with u bt do u know..wihout eng.. Doctors r nthing. Bcoze doctors r depended on engineers instrument…wihout this instrument doctors cant do anything…byby

  122. Sufiyan said

    First of all i want to tell you all i m a medical student not that professional but ,,,,,
    I have readed all the comment and atlast I want to ask engineers that —–
    1.)let that tm bhut old period me ho means abhi se approx 1000 yrs phle ,to there is no doc no eng. but many people act like that doc and eng,,,,and THE doc cure wounds and treat illness and do deliveries also and there is no act of eng. in that work of doc so first you should accept this fact that doctors are not depend on eng. on that time…..
    2.)Now take urself to past 500 yrs then i know eng. and doc develops and some or vry little hand is of eng. also in medical so now i can say that eng help doc in doing the doctory work more efficiently at that time……..but if u think doc are below eng. then it is wrong becoz doc r here then only eng r here…
    3.)Now in the last 100 or 50 yrs eng nd doc more develops and eng. makes medical instruments which doc uses then also doc r best bcoz machine doesnt do operations or perform surgery it only help doc as an assistant or helper in diagnostics…but remember……only instruments cant operate a dying person…
    4.)If You eng,,,,r thinking that after 50-100 yrs robots will do surgery then i want to say to you(eng) that i know u can make robots but u can’t operate humans bcoz if u think {{{{{{{{[[[[[human make computer,,, by the help of comp and human make highly advanced robot so if human can make robots then the robot will have less brain than humans so it can’t operate bcoz until data is feeded in comp. it cant work and data of human body will not be feeded by eng only doc can feed then here also doc is needed in engineering or building highly advanced robots]]]]]]}}}}}}}}} that robots can operate human bodies then u r wrong it cant bcoz it doesnt have that much incredible brain than humans…otherwise yehi robots tm logo ki bhi jagah le skte hai got it….
    Now You All eng will be thinking that i only taked side of doc but i think eng is also vry imp in our society….but eng also can’t deny this fact that doctor is one step ahead ………

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  129. mechanical engg. rahul said

    Yess eng. Have great mind to creat smthng bt docter are god now a days but i have to say engg make robot which is a dictr so next world is only of engg bt 21 century dr ko dedo yarrrrrrr.

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  131. Seo said

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    to your won website.

    • Lol engineers vs doctors
      Its like husband vs wife.
      Every profession has a respect including garbage cleaner. And i believe even if you have a Lamborghini u will get a respect. Totally worthless stuff to fight.

      • Amol.Rathod said

        Bas hua yaaro atlast ek baat dhyaan main rakho who are billionaires ?? Those all where ENGINEERS Guys..Bill Gates, Mark,Larry,Azim Premji,etc..Mere khayal se aaj k date main sirf ek he logo ko Respect milti hai Jiske Pass Paisa Hota Hai Ussko He kyun apna time waste kar rahe ho tumlog ko koi 10paisa bhi nahi milne wala..All I Cn Say Is Money Is Everything Nw Adays Jiske Pass Paisa Ussko Koi Bhi Nahi Puchta Ka Bhai Tere Pass Kaunsi Degree Hai..Think About It Kabhi Pucha Hai Aap at the end aaj kal koi degree nahi dekhta sirf dekhte hai k kaun kitna paisa kamata hai samjhe..

  132. betting football

    Engineers Vs Doctors « Jokes

  133. aadil said

    let the engineers enjoy. they know that they r not superior than doctors and that is why they r always trying to prove that they r superior. doctors are too busy for human being to get time for proving these things. engineers r jobless that’s y they have time to find how they can prove themselves that they HV more respect than doctors. its all jealousy.

    finally jiske pas Sab kuch hota h WO dikhate nhi. jiske pas kuch nhi hota wahi dikhate h

  134. nethaji said

    semma comedy mokka

  135. mudassir khan said

    engenier to be engenier.

  136. leonel said

    Doctors r always respectable…
    As compare to engineer they have deal with very crtical situation….If someone is gonna die they have to diagnose it in seconds….
    And after all human body is the most complex machine on the world….And human brain are father of ur modern super computer. even all enginneer in the world try to understand brain they cant….Not ur level of engineers….

  137. heavy said

    Hey u enginneers U didnt know that most of instrument use during surgery is made by doctors only not by u people….examples …all 1400 instrument by charak

  138. Danish said

    Doctor always rock ask 3 doctors or 3 engineers name to any laymen From anywhere.. Difference cleared

  139. praveen said

    Guys remember one thing its not abt engg or dr. Peoples r respected who do his duty with full determinance. Who many dr in this world r known we hardly knows some dr names and that comes to engg tooo. But we know players all around the world, businessman,politician its nit like they r not respected. In this world all r dependent on other by any means. As dr need engg to build machines homes etc so engg need dr for cure.

  140. Md.imran said

    Amazing one this is true that doctors don’t have creative brains

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