Laughter All The Way….


Posted by @ B H i on July 23, 2006

Aap train mein ja rahe ho Aapke Samne 2 Log bethe hai Jo ek aurat or ek admi hai, na to maa beta hai, na woh pati patni hai, na wo bhai behen hai to aap ne pucha ki aapka ris h ta kya hai, usne kaha ki iska sasur aur mera sasur dono bap beta hai. reply must i want to see how much time u will take to solve it. ur time start now……………..


4 Responses to “ANS MY Q. ITS A CHALLANGE”

  1. siddharth said

    da rishta iz clear buddy…either daamad n saas or…if d elder most sasur haz more than 1 son…den da lady iz her 2nd saas i mean cousin saas or watever….dis reply is posted in case d sasur of lady is da baap of sasur of man….if de case is vice-versa..the answer is still obvious

  2. Pankaj said

    One is Mother in Law and Another is Son in law.

  3. Ayan khan said

    jawab tumhare papa likhegay
    abe choti – 2 bati pakadne laggaya

  4. Vishal said

    Damaad nd saas is answer

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