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Smart Sardar in Army

Posted by @ B H i on July 4, 2006

Scene: Trench warfare on Pakistan border, Sikh regiment on one side.

Kartar Singh gets a bright idea, shouts, “Oye Abdul!”

A guy gets up from other trench, “Kya hai be”

Kartar Singh shoots!! BANG. The guy is shot dead!

Kartar Singh shouts again, “Oye Karim”

2 guys stand up, “Kya hai ?”

BANG BANG both khalaas!

Kartar Singh shouts again,”Oye Mustafa!”

2 more, BANG-BANG! dono khalaas!

Pakistanis get worried, they think: Ye Sardarji log, when did they get so smart? They decide to try the trick themselves.

“Abe Gurdev Singh”


“Oye Gurdev Singh!!”


“O bhai, Gurdev Singh!”

This time some one says, “Gurdev Singh ko kaun bula raha hai re?”

Pakistani gets up, “Main”

BANG! He goes!

First day @ school

Bobby returns from his first day at school and immediately questions his father.

“Dad, today we had a Spelling Class – All the other kids could only say half the alphabet, but I knew the whole thing. Is that because I am a Sardar?”

“No son, that’s because you are intelligent.”

Bobby seeming content with the answer, asks his father another question, “Dad, today we had Math class – All the other kids could only count from 1-10, I could count from 1 to 20. Is this because I am a Sardar ??”

“No , that’s because you are intelligent,” replies his father.

Happy with the answer, Bobby poses another question to his father. “Dad, today we had Medical Examination, all the other boys were shorter than me, I was at least twice their height. Is that because I am a Sardar?”

The father replies, “No son, that’s because you are 31 years old.”

Khet mein Boat

Ek baar ek sardar sukhe khet mein boat chala raha hota hai.

Doosara sardar apni Biwi ko leke scooter pe jaa raha tha.

Pehle Sardar ko boat chalate dekh, woh apni biwi se kehta hai “dekho aise sardaro ne hi to sardar ka naam kharab kar rakha hai, woh to mujhe swimming nahi aati, nahi to mein usey bahut maarta.”


Two sardars are driving in a car,one sardar puts on the indicator and asks the other to check if it is working.He puts his head out and says……………!!!!

Sardar Dear

One day a sardar died due to brain tumer.all the sardars started dancing instead of crying.a person came astronished and asked the sardars why they are dancing.One of the sardar replied atleast one of us had brain na paji….

Smart Sardar this is too good

Aardar on bike and a Pathan on a truck. Both were waiting at a traffic signal.

Pathan trying to make fun of sardar” are aye sardar jab head mein khujli hoti hai to helmet utar ke kyun nahi karte” sardar replies “sade pathan, jab leg pe khujli hoti hai, to pant utar ke kyun nahi karta”

Signal turn on and sardar goes on. on another road Pathan says to Sardar ” are aye sardar, jab ek helmet(pagdi) pehna hai to doosra kyun pehna hai” sardar says “oye pathan, jab underwear pehna hai to pant kyun pehna hai”


3 Responses to “Smart Sardar in Army”

  1. Davinder Dhillon said

    All these jokes are written by stereotypes Hindus who want to give wrong impression about the character and personality of Sikhs. Lots of people specially outside of India thinks that Sikhs are Muslims due to their appearance. here is no relation between Islam and sikhism. In fact sikhism (Khalsa panthh) was started by Guru Gobind Singh to save hinduism from the tyranny of Muslim rulers, who killed innocent hindus for not accepting Islam.,

    Ninth Guru of sikhs, Teg Bahadur singh was butchered in Chandani chowk Delhi for refusing to accep Islam alongwith his followers.

    Two sons of 10th guru Gobind singh were killed in war and two teen-aged sons were burried alive by the Nawab of sirhind to teach Gobind Singh a lesson.

    Banda Bahadur singh, the Tantrik follower of Gobind singh took revenge for the death of kids, but he too was capture and asked either to accept Islam or be butchered. On his refusal, his skin was removed from his body and his sons heart was forced into his mouth.

    This is all history and it is also a fact that had there been no Sikhs, hinduism would not have survived in North India.

    • kishor said

      Hello sirjee,

      No one trying to make mockery of anyone, individual, community or any religion.

      All these ways are just part of being happy…even one should feel proud that millions-billions smile for a minute.

      Afterall, we are are indian and have respect for GURU NANAK DEV to SHIVAJI…..


  2. shayari said

    do not make jokes of sardar community

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