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Science in BollyWood Song

Posted by @ B H i on July 4, 2006

Kyon chalti hai pawan, Because of evaporation.
Kyon jhoome hai gagan, Because of earth’s revolution.

Kyon machalta hai mann, Because of excessive respiration.
Na tum jaano na hum. But I just gave all the reasons!

Kyon aati hai bahaar, Because of a change in season,
Kyon lutata hai karaar, Because of mental tension.

Kyon hota hai pyaar, Because of pole attraction.
Na tum jaano na hum.Like I said,these are all sciencephenomenon!

Kyon gum hai har disha,Because you have a poor sense of
Kyon hota hai nasha, Because of drug addiction.

Kyon aata hai mazaa, Bcoz science gives us all the information.
Na tum jaano na hum. I did my best to explain, now just give up !

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaahhh !!


One Response to “Science in BollyWood Song”

  1. amit said

    pyaar ka kya scientific reason hai

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