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Humour in Indian English

Posted by @ B H i on July 4, 2006

Tamil Nadu, India , well Known Personality,Mr Jeppier,Chairman of Self financing Engineering Colleges Association ,who is always speaking in English … Sathyabama college Students have Collected & published the Book on Jappier’s Spoken English … Njoy ………..with his…………..English………….. Sounds fictitious…although highly likely

Now, here are some classic English sentences from the great Mr. Jeppiar.

Mr. Jeppiar talks to his students:

# At the ground: —————– All of you stand in a straight circle. The girl with the mirror please comes her…{Means: girl with specs please come here).

# To a boy, angrily: ——————— I talk, he talk, why you middle middle talk?

# While punishing students: ———————– You, rotate the ground four times… You, go and understand the tree… You three of you stand together separately. Why are y ou late – say YES or NO …..(?)

# Sir at his best: ————— Sir had once gone to a film with his wife. By chance, he happened to see one of our boys at the theatre, though the boy did no t see them. So the next day at s school… (to that boy) – “Yesterday I saw you WITH MY WIFE at the Cinema Theatre”

# Sir at his best inside the Class room: ———————————————- Open the doors of the window. Let the atmosphere come in. Open the doors of the window. Let the Air Force come in. Cut an apple into two halves – I will take the bigger half. Shhh…Quiet, boys…the principal JUST PASSED AWAY in the corridor You, meet me behind the class. (Meaning AFTER the class..) “Both of u three get out of the class.” Close the doors of the windows please. I have winter in my nose today… Take Copper Wire of any metal especially of Silver….. Take 5 cm wire of any length….

Last but not the least some Jeppi ar experiences … —————————————————————– Once Sir had come late to a college function, by the time he reached, the function had begun, so he went to the dais, and said, sorry I am late, because on the way my car hit 2 muttons (Meaning goats).

At St. Josephs fresh years day 2003: ———————————————- “No ragging this college. Anybody rag we arrest the police”


10 Responses to “Humour in Indian English”

  1. Nice Article, This is so very funny 🙂

  2. Arpit said


  3. V. M. Dahake said

    Just some addition :
    1) When asking student to meet after the class, ” If you have any difficulty, please meet me behind the class when I am empty and you are vacant. If you want to appear, appear otherwise disappear.
    2) While punishing the student for getting late to Physical Training class.
    Go running, touch that wooden tree and come back

  4. This link made me lol…

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  5. non veg jokes…

    […]Humour in Indian English « Jokes[…]…

  6. sureshlghodke said

    very funny

  7. sureshlghodke said

    very veey funny

  8. Melanie said

    LMAO Hahaaaaaaaaaaa this is funny asf

  9. me adarayai sirasa tv

    Humour in Indian English « Jokes

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