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Two nuns and blind man

Posted by @ B H i on June 5, 2006

On a hot summer day, two nuns—both young and beautiful—are working in the church library putting away books. After working feverishly to get the job done, the first nun turns to the second and says, “I can’t take this heat anymore! Do you think it would be OK if we removed our shirts to cool off while we worked?” The second nun, feeling the heat herself, decides that it would be OK. She locks the door and closes the curtains. The two nuns take off their shirts and keep working. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. “Who is it?” asks the first nun. “It’s the blind man,” says the voice behind the door. “Well, a blind man can’t see our nakedness. We can let him in,” the other nun says. They open the door. “Wow,” says the blind man, “nice tits! I gotta run back to the truck. Where do you want me to set these blinds?”


One Response to “Two nuns and blind man”

  1. AJAY said

    Please post me such funny jokes whenever there is one

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